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Non-Renewal of Homeowner Insurance

Insurance Non-Renewal

If you received a non-renewal notice from your homeowner insurance company, there are options available to you on next steps towards finding an alternative policy to keep your property safe.

In California, an insurer must notify policyholders at minimum 75 days before a policy expires. If your insurer did not provide 75 days' notice, contact the California Department of Insurance at 1-800-927-HELP or visit

If you have received a notice of non-renewal from your insurance company, take the following steps immediately:

  • Shop for a new plan right away
  • Take new policy offers immediately
  • Do not wait for your current policy to expire as it may take over 60 days to secure a new policy
  • Find insurance companies and licensed agents/brokers through this Department of Insurance tool

Helpful tips:

  • Visit the California FAIR Plan for basic fire protection. Keep in mind that the FAIR Plan does not offer liability or theft plans and is considered a last resort
  • Learn about Difference in Conditions (DIC) policies
  • Consider purchasing home and auto policies from the same insurance company to save on your premiums
  • Raise your deductibles to save on premiums
  • Improve the security of your home by installing smoke detectors, dead-bolt locks, alarm systems and more
  • Remember that including land value will result in higher premiums
  • Aim for your new insurance policy to cover Replacement Cost Value, not depreciated Actual Cash Value

Remember, an insurer must renew your policy if:

  • Your policy has a guaranteed renewal provision
  • You lost your home in a declared disaster area within the last two years
  • You live in a zip code adjacent to a recent wildfire; Use this tool to verify if your zip code is protected

If you feel your insurer has unfairly cancelled or not renewed your current policy, call the California Department of Insurance at 1-800-927-HELP.