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By Jacqui Irwin and Jessie Ryan

Earlier this summer, students across California accomplished their dream of a college degree. But for every person who graduates, there are thousands who don’t.

Students of color are particularly likely to drop out, in part because they are disproportionately placed into remedial classes. This can add years to their course load and reduces their chances of completing college.

Ag Alert

California Grown started the buy-local movement 15 years ago. At that time, imported products encroached on our markets, farmers were barely profitable, regulatory pressures continued to grow and our own neighborhood markets were buying and selling products grown elsewhere.

The Oak Park Unified School District, located in the heart of Conejo Valley, stands out as an excellent institution of learning for our young population.

Our world is made better every day by the "thingies" that we use to enhance our lives. These "thingies," from the automatic alarm clock that gets us up to the remote control to turn off the TV at night, are thought up by engineers, created by engineers and built by engineers.

Ventura County Star

Community colleges are a critical driver of the state's economic engine. But far too often, community colleges are failing to help students reach their college dreams.

I know that the future of these students and the state's economy depends upon our ability to reform our remedial education programs and increase graduation rates.